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Dear Colleagues and Members, Today, in parallel with the developments in in diagnosis and treatment, cancer has become a chronic disease. Cancer-related pain, fatigue, osteoporosis and lymphedema are among the most researched and interesting topics in long-term cancer patients. Current diagnostic and treatment methods for lymphedema and related diseases, which have become more common with increasing awareness, have been increasing in recent years due to scientific evidence and technological advances.

Lymphedema is not only secondary to cancer, but may also develop due to venous insufficiency, lipedema, obesity, infection or primary congenital damage or dysfunction of the lymphatic system. Prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema, which complicates the activities of daily living and causes deterioration in quality of life due to the negative effects it causes in biopsychosocial aspects, is very important. Physicians (physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, cardiovascular surgeons, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons, general surgeons, surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, family physicians), physiotherapists, nurses, other health professionals (occupational therapists, psychologists, dieticians, social workers), medical companies and the pharmaceutical industry have very important duties in this regard.

It is necessary to increase the awareness and education levels of physicians, healthcare professionals, patients and their relatives about lymphedema and to ensure that patients reach effective treatments in the early period. Turkey (Anatolian) Lymphedema Association, which we established in 2014 in line with these objectives, has previously organized a congress with national and international participation, many symposiums, workshops, courses and patient education meetings. We are excited to organize our fifth symposium this year as a multidisciplinary symposium.

The 5th Lymphedema Symposium, which will be held at Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University on October 6-8, 2023, will include panels with the participation of national lymphedema authorities, and our experienced professors on basic and advanced lymphedema topics will share their current knowledge and daily practices with us. Within the scope of the symposium, our traditional courses on upper, lower extremity and genital lymphedema rehabilitation, kinesio taping in lymphedema and wound care in venous and lymphatic ulcers will be held. We welcome all our colleagues and health professionals interested in lymphedema to our symposium. Your participation and support to the symposium will honor us. We believe that this fifth symposium will develop and strengthen with your support and contributions. We wish you to reserve a place in your agendas for our symposium, where we aim to share our knowledge and experience on lymphedema, learn what we do not know, reinforce our practical knowledge and skills in courses, and reach evidence-based current diagnosis and treatment approaches.

We wish to meet you in Samsun on October 6-8, 2023 and extend our sincerest love and respect.

Prof. Dr. Pınar Borman
Congress Co-Chair

Prof. Dr. F. Figen Ayhan
Congress Co-Chair

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